Star Staffing is an award-winning women-owned & operated firm and a highly respected leader in the employment industry in Northern California. Already known in the North Bay area, these tech-savvy entrepreneurs wanted to make some noise as they broke into a new market in greater Sacramento, CA, Napa, Modesto, Lodi & Fairfield areas with new offices. The goal being to be known so that each time they approached a business Star would be immediately trusted and well-received.

Fast forward – we continue to get press that ensures their reputation proceeds them – before they enter a room the company name is immediately trusted.


Our goal was to make a big splash introducing Star and excite the public about their unique brand and presence. We made use of their talents, including the book written by the CEO about her journey to success, the fact that they were a female owned and run business with a young fresh take on the staffing industry and use of technology. All those aspects proved extremely effective in getting INK to tell the story of these powerhouse businesswomen from the North Bay.


We established new media relationships for them for an ongoing dialogue about their work and brand strength that continues today.


Articles, Interviews & Online Media

  • The North Bay Business Journal – monthly by-line column & features
  • Sacramento Bee 
  • Sacramento Business Journal 
  • Sacramento Magazine 
  • CBS – Good Morning Sacramento
  • Press Democrat Newspaper
  • Petaluma 360. Com


  • Sacramento Business Journal Mentoring Event – awarded Keynote speaker position
  • HR West Magazine
  • Central Valley Business Journal
  • Lodi News-Sentinel 
  • Sacramento Magazine – Awarded Top 100 Notable Leaders/Interview 
  • Barnes & Noble – Multiple Speaking events


I cannot express enough how grateful I am to have had the opportunity to work with such an exceptional PR leader like Jenny Kaplan. From the moment I started collaborating with her and her firm, my company took an incredible turn for the better.


Jenny possesses an unparalleled level of persistence and determination that is truly awe-inspiring. She never settles for anything less than excellence and consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that my and my company’s brand and message reach the right audience. Her unwavering commitment to securing placements in major media outlets and local publications has been nothing short of remarkable. Thanks to her efforts, my name and company have been featured in prestigious publications that I could only dream of being a part of.


What sets Jenny apart from others in her field is her ability to build confidence in her clients. She has an innate talent for recognizing and highlighting their strengths, which in turn boosts their self-assurance. Her unwavering support and belief in my abilities have been instrumental in my personal and professional growth.


If you are looking for a PR firm to go above and beyond to help you and your company improve your brand, look no further than Jenny Kaplan & JKPR.


Nicole Smartt, President & Co-Owner, Star Staffing