Tell the truth in your message!

Good Monday Morning my weary eyed bloggers!!!! Here’s some important inspiration for you about why VALUE is the key to real (Long term) success on-line and in general for that matter.

Beware children there are many, many fly by night, snake oil salesman, get it fast, get rich fast schemes coming at us at every moment on-line. I know we all want that “magic pill” to create a success story from our sites and blogs heck…that’s why we do it!! BUT in the end sticking to real value and truth is the best way to stand out and win this tricky game we call social media.

Seems like everywhere I turn I am being asked if I want to “get rich quickly” on-line in one form or another. Everyone is selling me an audience; do I want more viewers, to attract more clicks, drive more traffic to my site??? While I am sure some of it is good advise no doubt  –  I am also sure that some of it is C R A P O L A ! Here’s one way to tell the difference!

This blog referenced is written by the number #3 top PR blogger worldwide -yes I quote the guy often but that’s only because he’s SO right on!!! Here he blogs about the VALUE of real twitter followers and why…what I love about what he says is it also applies to EVERYTHING you do on-line AND that you do to promote your business and yourself for that matter.

Bottom line is if you tell the Real Story about you and your work, if you authentically offer ideas, education and again, offer real value based content to your readers, listeners, followers and viewers they will indeed come back, TRUST you, forward you and boast about how great you are – which is exactly what I am doing here with this Peter Shankman blog!

Proof in da pudden!! 🙂



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