Got Brand? Things I got from Lou.

I talk A LOT about Branding. But let’s not let that word freak us out shall we? You don’t have to be a Marketing Guru or anything to get in touch with and define your own brand.

But you do have to look for it.

I’m honestly a bit obsessed with the idea of the value and importance of finding, defining and explaining your story. Why you ask? Did you ask?? I’ll tell you why…

So… we live in this crazy world of mass communication and messaging. A world totally inundated with messages, commercials, images, sales pitches, “marketing schemes,” the “answer” to all your problems again and again and again all aimed directly at us from what seems like every possible angle. How will your UNIQUE STORY (your Raison D’etra) ever stand out? I feel that your story should be the foundation for your brand or at least a very big part of how it is shaped! This is how you will…say it with me everyone…GET NOTICED. Continue reading