Why PR

Public Relations is all about building your brand.

A brand can now be defined as the sum of all the conversations going on around you. Print, radio, television and the internet are all constantly buzzing with messages and new ideas – what would you like to contribute to these conversations?

Becoming a part of the media and press is a way of defining and managing your message – controlling that content in a most effective, trusted, valued and lasting way.

One of the most effective tools in marketing – the media – is often overlooked. The reason Public Relations Strategies are replacing advertising more and more is because consumers are savvier than ever. We are all VERY skeptical of what we read in advertisements often ignoring them all together.

The truth is we are all experts at what we do – but we need to convey that to those around us. PR is the subtle, strategic way to respectfully influence an audience. When you read or hear about a company in an authentic story or interview as opposed to an advertisement or commercial, you’re much more inclined to pay attention. Now with the birth of  “Social Marketing & Media,” a completely new and immeasurably powerful outlet for PR on-line, we have unlimited opportunities to bring credibility, knowledge and understanding to you and your product.

Third party “Earned Media” means you earn the media’s attention through newsworthy stories and articles, ezines, blogs and many other public communication opportunities. You earn the trust of the reader by being placed there. This will actually support and increase your future advertising and marketing efforts. Media has a word-of-mouth like effect that bridges the credibility gap in advertising – and that means publicity. Using media as a public relations tool works because consumers pay more attention to features and stories and put much moretrust in them.

Advertising cannot start a fire. It can only fan a fire after it has been started. To get something going from nothing, you need the validity that only third-party endorsement can bring. Consider it like a personal recommendation from a good friend about a hot business tip or fabulous new restaurant. Recent marketing successes have been built on public relations and not advertising successes.

The Body Shop, eBay, Google, Harry Potter, Botox and RedBull have all been built on the premise of publicity first, advertising second.  The first stage of any new campaign ought to be public relations.