PR Tip of the Week – Pipeline

Owning your own business can be such a roller coaster! One month you’ve got plenty of work and clients and the next you’re aching to hear that phone ring! Especially in this economy it’s really valuable to keep working your own promotional efforts. Even when you “seem” very busy! Don’t be fooled!

As you all know and are likely nodding your heads right now…the minute you feel like things are running smooth and there’s plenty of work…whoops. Where did that pipeline go???

If a body in motion stays in motion then┬áso does your pipeline of work – we all need to hustle and hustle good!

If you’re wondering what to do its good to ask – what’s working for me right now? Where am I getting the most traction? This year for the first time I got several cold calls from my website (naturally it encouraged me to expand my efforts on-line – hence my newly launched blogggggg!!!!!

on-line – devote more time to on-line promotions and exposure, blog more (2x a week is best), contribute articles to on-line sites (ask me in comments and I’ll give you a few good suggestions), go on related sites and comment linking back to your site.

A client of mine mentioned she gets so much new work when she socializes so we decided she should schedule 2 events each month!

Another informed me he gets mucho traction when he works on foundational aspects of his business..organization, file maintenance, etc. We scheduled a weekly business meeting for him!

So find what’s real for you and take advantage of the fact that you are having success in a particular area – trust me it will pay off – and do it NOW before the well runs dry.

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