Results – Media Coverage

Results are the bottom line in any PR & Marketing Campaign – a simple yet profound idea.

Together we achieve your goals through increased brand awareness – the following are just some of the media “GETS” our clients enjoy.

Employee Benefit Advisor

Article About Client in National Publication:

“Arrow Benefits Group in Petaluma, Calif., created the

Arrow Community Wellness Initiative. The initiative each

month offers CPR and automated defibrillator (AED) 

training and certification with first -aid, instructed by

the Petaluma Health Care District, free to the community.” 

NorthBay Biz

Published Article By-lined by Client:

“To make sure you get the most bang for your

buck on your dental plan, we recommend

you ask these three vital questions

before having any upcoming procedures.”

Vineyard & Winery Management

Published Article By-lined by Client:

“The first rule of marketing is to

use absolutely everything you have.”

North Bay Business Journal

Published Article By-lined by Client:

“Telemedicine is the latest in technology

that brings individuals immediate,

on-the-spot access to state-licensed physicians.”

Employee Benefit Advisor

Interview with Arrow Benefits Group:

“New holistic health plans from leading

insurers may soon have advisers

rethinking their client recommendations.”

NorthBay Biz

Feature Story:
“My advice: Don’t be deterred when faced with
seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Never give up
on your dream; even if you have to make adjustments,
follow your passion.”

San Francisco Chronicle

Style Section Cover:

“For Stacy and Bruna, a hike led all the way to ‘I do’ ” 

NorthBay Biz

Published Article By-lined by Client :

“What Works: Outreach & Marketing: Get Their Attention”

San Francisco Business Times

Feature Story:

“Shipbird Turns Everyday Commuters into Couriers” 

Press Democrat Article

The Press Democrat

Sunday Style Section:
“Learning about art via smartphone”

Front Page

North Bay Business Journal
& Press Democrat

Front Page:
“Zenergy maps growth with Google”

The Press Democrat

The Press Democrat

Business Section Cover:
“Cotati man’s new approach to delivery”