My Day at the Press Release Boot Camp!

A Guest Blog (and video) by Katie Hyman

As part of my adventures as an assistant for Jenny Kaplan & JKaplan Communications, I recently “worked” a press release boot camp workshop for her clients – it was a fascinating experience:

I arrived at the conference room with coffee and bagel in hand – excited and ready to go.  As I turned on my laptop, people started to pour into the room; we introduced ourselves and shared what we all did for a living. I loved the variety and mix of people; from artists, nutritionists, language teachers and corporate businesses, everyone had a unique story to uncover and tell, which was why we were all there.

First Jenny began to discuss the importance of a press release and how often they should go out, which was an eye-opener for me; every 45 days to gain ideal client traction! She also went over the mechanics of a newsworthy press release and something else I loved hearing about; how to find and tell our own compelling “story.”

By then the room was really buzzing and I could tell everyone’s wheels were turning; brainstorming on what they wanted to share and the best way to represent their work and find the best “sell,” as Jenny called it, to the public!

We had writing time on our own while Jenny held private consults in the next room. It was inspiring to witness how she took what each person wrote and helped them tweak it to best fit their individual audience.

Later we shared our releases for feed-back and idea sharing as everyone worked out the kinks and fine-tuned their releases. The best part of the day was watching everyone bounce ideas off each other and watching Jenny work with clients one on one. She really pumped up each release and gave us all a greater understanding of them and how valuable and vital they are.  She’s offering another Camp in July and I can’t wait to witness the big Light-bulb moments as folks find their message and perfect it.

Thanks everyone for the day – look forward to seeing you all again sometime!


PS: The Next Boot Camp is July 26th!


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