How to Reach Out – Welcome to the 90’s Mr. Banks!

Clients always ask me what the best way is to reach out to their audience.

The truth is it is VERY different for each of us and it depends on our audience! So let’s take a CLOSE look at what your potential and existing clients do everyday…What do they read? Where do they socialize? Work, commute, play, entertain, shop, get their news and information…see the point?

If we can make a GOOD list of outlets and locations where your GREATEST clients live their lives then we’ll know what medium is best to use to reach out to them. Then we can also discern what kind of outreach they might best resonate, reply and interact with…I just read a great article in the North Bay Biz ( a magazine I like because it represents the local businesses in my community) and they were talking about “The Millennials,” in case you’re wondering it means those ah, very young folks around 29 years old. The piece discussed their habits, needs, likes and dislikes, patterns etc.

Pardon me…let me just adjust my screen zoom again here…ah… now I can see better. SIGH…Anyway…

At first the article made me feel SLIGHTLY old but then once I read more I realized a few things.

1) I actually personally have some “younger” patterns –  HA

2) These little whippersnappers who are doing business and promoting businesses today must of course do the exact same thing all us brilliant and effective PR pros do. They are adjusting their reach and message to communicate with their own audience. They are naturally finding ways to reach them on their own level, which naturally, they understand very well.

A few particular items include the fact that younger generations don’t generally read newspapers, they don’t love network television (that much), they are extremely social and find high value in being socially accepted and several other specific habits prone to their set.

All very interesting information and all very clear once you sit down and begin truly examining an audience.

And this is the GOOD NEWS here.

Each of us (each of your clients) has a very particular WAY WE LIKE TO BE REACHED and it’s your job and or my job to be strategic enough to figure that out and fill the need so that we and our messages are invaluable and received perfectly.

I can’t preach enough to you about the virtues of stepping back, taking a sweeping look at the BIG picture and making a strategic PLAN on how you will reach, communicate with and WOW all your clients and potential clients with your message.

Get Noticed!

PS – SO the Million Dollar Question is:

What patterns have you noticed about your clients and what are you doing TODAY to best address them?????

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