Got Buzz? Why You Need a Press Release

I just wish to thank Linda Mechner for her totally awesome testimonial! Also for her participation in the last PR Boot Camp – it was a hoot and I think everyone came away with new ideas, inspiration and of course a HOT press release to blast out to the public.

Sending out a release can really shift the trajectory of your business. The trick is writing a compelling piece that really tells your story AND exemplifies the fact that you are indeed an expert and hence the news. A lot of people say to me that they have no “news” to share but I humbly argue that when you are the expert at what you do you very naturally become the source of news about that field. I’ve also learned that when you really dig-in and look at all the different aspects of a business and a persons life & legacy you will indeed find the story.

At the Boot Camp I get to help folks uncover the story behind your brand and learn how to shout about it out from the rooftops. After all if you don’t toot your own horn who will??? If you’d like more info about the camp and how to attend click here.

Thank you again Linda – and here’s to everyone Getting Noticed.

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