Got Brand? Things I got from Lou.

I talk A LOT about Branding. But let’s not let that word freak us out shall we? You don’t have to be a Marketing Guru or anything to get in touch with and define your own brand.

But you do have to look for it.

I’m honestly a bit obsessed with the idea of the value and importance of finding, defining and explaining your story. Why you ask? Did you ask?? I’ll tell you why…

So… we live in this crazy world of mass communication and messaging. A world totally inundated with messages, commercials, images, sales pitches, “marketing schemes,” the “answer” to all your problems again and again and again all aimed directly at us from what seems like every possible angle. How will your UNIQUE STORY (your Raison D’etra) ever stand out? I feel that your story should be the foundation for your brand or at least a very big part of how it is shaped! This is how you will…say it with me everyone…GET NOTICED.

You and your business CAN be separated out from the masses by defining your brilliant story, your niche as it were. Like:

  • WHY you do what you do
  • HOW you became what you are
  • PASSIONS that inspire you
  • WHY you are DIFFERENT!

This handsome man here in the picture here is my dad Lou (the reason I have these brown eyes, brown hair and charming (HA) nose!) But more importantly he’s the reason I’ve been lucky enough to have a passion and love for helping people find their interesting story to promote! I completely inherited this bug from Lou, one of the original “Mad Men,” working and living the life of a Madison avenue AD man in the heyday of the field in the 1960’s, 1970’s and on.

And if you ask him if the hit television show, “MadMen” correctly depicts the business and era he’d totally say YES…that’s exactly how it was in those days. By the way when you hear that LONG standing Ad, “Plop, plop, fizz, fizz (remember that old Alka Seltzer Ad?) that was Lou’s Ad team! My sister and I call Lou the “Bee Charmer” cause he can talk to anyone, anytime about anything…this is also a VITAL trait for a Marketing/PR person. Lou has had some moments of true inspiration in his long life! I adore the fact that I’ve inherited some of his abilities. (By the way, in case you were wondering that is in his hand, it’s a pepper grinder. The man owns several and brings them out to dinner with him – the guy’s obsessed with Pepper – no idea why!)

But anyway Lou has always had the ability to look at someone or a business idea and very quickly ascertain the “why” or “story” that sets them apart, highlights the most exciting elements and creates a BUZZ.

Listen, there are literally millions of everything out there; doctors, dentists, mortgage brokers, dry cleaners, chiropractors…you get my point. So I ask you (again) how will YOU stand out? What are you all about?

Now that Lou is semi-retired and has more time to hang with family he’s been helping my brother-in-law Christophe with his photography shoots. Last week he assisted on one for a hospital to profile a Cancer survivor to market their services in that department. They went to the location, set-up and began shooting. It was going well and the subject was a very nice and sweet guy, then my dad started to talk to him casually in-between set-ups.

The Bee Charmer launched in to action.

Turns out after some discussion that this guy was a famous boxer in his day. He’d never mentioned this to anyone before this. Lou and Christophe immediately encouraged him to start doing some boxing poses and movements for the camera…the shoot quickly shifted from good to genius. Just like that his story went from yet another cancer survivor to a deeper, much more interesting story of a fighter winning the battle in life and with cancer. See the difference? Now his very personal story makes him THAT much more of a stand-out AND provides a much more riveting story for the hospital and their campaign.

What makes you stand out? WHY are you relevant in a world of so many of the same thing? Interesting questions, eh?

Get Noticed!

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