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I am so excited to be included in this group of women! Check out the content below:


The May issue of NorthBayBiz Magazine focus is on successful and influential North Bay women, and we found so many more than we were able to include in our features. This further sampling of women having an impact on their North Bay communities asked the questions:
• What advice do you have for someone who wants to follow in your professional footsteps?
• What would you like your professional legacy to be?

Profile – Jenny Kaplan
GetNoticedPR, Santa Rosa

Advice: Find yourself an internship. Not only will you learn which aspects of PR you want to focus on, but you’ll meet incredible connections to last throughout your career. If you can find a mentor, the benefits will blow you away. I was lucky enough to work with a PR guru who generously shared her knowledge and advice and supported me as I came up in the ranks. It made me the fearless PR advocate I am today. Seek out positions where you can fully familiarize yourself with the many facets of the world of PR. There are so many different ways to shine in this industry—it’s highly valuable to see exactly which pieces fit your special talents. I’d say dream big and go for your perfect life’s work. Staying true to yourself and your passions truly does equal a successful business life.

Legacy: My job is about putting others in the spotlight, so it’s not about me. My success is measured in the fame and fortune I make possible for my clients, so I guess you could say I want my legacy to be one of great success stories about great people. Beyond that, I’d like to shift the public perception of PR from that of “spin doctor” to one of “great storyteller,” because that’s what we really do.

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