The 5 “Superpowers” of a Press Release

I just published my own words in the Northbay Biz magazine (a local business magazine I encourage all my clients to be a part of because it reaches almost every business owner in Sonoma & Marin County).

I’d been wanting to write an educational piece on what I call the 5 “superpowers” of a press release. I’ve seen press releases have tremendous effects on business – and always much to the surprise of the business owner. Here’s why you need to be distributing some version of a press release on a regular basis.


Get Noticed.

7 Words that Can Harm Your Message

I am a writer (I love saying that) any PR rep worth their salt started out
somewhere in the writing realm and this is a good thing because content is
basically everything. It’s how you’ll reach and convince your audience that
they want and need you, it’s how they’ll know who you are. Words (your words) have power.

It’s really as simple as that.

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Internal VS External Marketing

For my money I really think you’ve got to pay equal amounts of attention to TWO types of PR & Marketing efforts simultaneously. As you likely know or are learning….OY running your own business is a never ending effort and on-going passion project that we give lots and lots of love to…

Internal AND external efforts…here’s what I consider the difference… Continue reading

Just published in North Bay Biz…

I’m constantly encouraging clients to write (and get published) everywhere they can as an expert in their field. And of course my job is to find them those outlets and get them in…so I am always happy and proud when I can do the same for myself!! SO here’s my latest article published in North Bay Biz Magazine March 2012 issue… Continue reading

Got Brand? Things I got from Lou.

I talk A LOT about Branding. But let’s not let that word freak us out shall we? You don’t have to be a Marketing Guru or anything to get in touch with and define your own brand.

But you do have to look for it.

I’m honestly a bit obsessed with the idea of the value and importance of finding, defining and explaining your story. Why you ask? Did you ask?? I’ll tell you why…

So… we live in this crazy world of mass communication and messaging. A world totally inundated with messages, commercials, images, sales pitches, “marketing schemes,” the “answer” to all your problems again and again and again all aimed directly at us from what seems like every possible angle. How will your UNIQUE STORY (your Raison D’etra) ever stand out? I feel that your story should be the foundation for your brand or at least a very big part of how it is shaped! This is how you will…say it with me everyone…GET NOTICED. Continue reading

Blog re-post: Want more Traffic? Write good shit!

This is why I love Ricardo Bueno AND why I follow him from time to time…he keeps it SO real baby! So I hope you can excuse the explicative in his blog title and get to the meat of our message here which is… to increase your viewers – be REAL in all your outreach communication efforts! Continue reading

Tell the truth in your message!

Good Monday Morning my weary eyed bloggers!!!! Here’s some important inspiration for you about why VALUE is the key to real (Long term) success on-line and in general for that matter.

Beware children there are many, many fly by night, snake oil salesman, get it fast, get rich fast schemes coming at us at every moment on-line. I know we all want that “magic pill” to create a success story from our sites and blogs heck…that’s why we do it!! BUT in the end sticking to real value and truth is the best way to stand out and win this tricky game we call social media. Continue reading