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Client Coverage- Genty Photography in San Francisco Chronicle

We love getting this kind of press – our talented client, Christophe Genty Photography, was just featured on the cover and in a two-piece spread in the Style section of the San Francisco Chronicle the coverage includes an online spread at SF of the story with 15 additional images from this gorgeous Sonoma County Wedding.


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The 5 “Superpowers” of a Press Release

I just published my own words in the Northbay Biz magazine (a local business magazine I encourage all my clients to be a part of because it reaches almost every business owner in Sonoma & Marin County).

I’d been wanting to write an educational piece on what I call the 5 “superpowers” of a press release. I’ve seen press releases have tremendous effects on business – and always much to the surprise of the business owner. Here’s why you need to be distributing some version of a press release on a regular basis.


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Client Coverage- Veale Outdoor Advertising in Northbay Biz

Great client coverage for Tom Jackson of Veale Outdoor Advertising in a newly published article n the Northbay Biz Magazine! Tom Jackson, general manager, gets a by-line and delivers his expert Marketing & Advertising tips for business owners.


Read a PDF of the article here, or find it online here. 

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The huge PR lesson learned from the new movie Chef

PR lesson in ChefThe movie Chef, starring and (masterfully written) by Jon Favreau makes mouths water & stomachs grumble but what I loved was it teaches a real lesson about good versus bad public relations, without us even realizing it.

I promise not to give the movie away but I must share with you the key public relations tips that the movie so entertainingly illuminates.

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7 Words that Can Harm Your Message

I am a writer (I love saying that) any PR rep worth their salt started out
somewhere in the writing realm and this is a good thing because content is
basically everything. It’s how you’ll reach and convince your audience that
they want and need you, it’s how they’ll know who you are. Words (your words) have power.

It’s really as simple as that.

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Client Coverage – Local Santa Rosa, CA

What has the media done for you lately? Here’s a snippet of what clients have been experiencing as of late…


Sipping Wine in Corrick’s
By Peg Melnik
Thursday, July 12, 2012 at 5:11 by Tasting.Room

Ancient Oaks Cellars hopes to open its tasting room in Corrick’s Stationery Store on Fourth Street. What’s the story behind this winery, and just exactly when can we start swirling, sipping and shopping? Here’s a Q & A with co-vintner Melissa Moholt-Siebert to catch up on progress. The Ancient Oaks Tasting Room could be a game-changer for downtown Santa Rosa. Read the blog here.


First wine-tasting room planned for downtown Santa Rosa Read the Press Democrat article here.

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San Francisco Chronicle – Media/Client Coverage

Very sexy article about the Make Love & Intimacy Boot Camp movement we support…

Intimacy Boot Camp helps parents reinvigorate ties

By Ryan Lattanzio-  Published 4:00 a.m., Sunday, May 13, 2012

The Purdie family. Photo: Ryan Lewis / SF

The Purdie family. Photo: Ryan Lewis /SF

When Michele and David of San Francisco started a family three years ago, their conversations turned from dates and dinner plans to diapers and day care.”When  you’ve got two small kids and you’re trying to look after the house and  working and paying the mortgage, pretty much the thing that always gets  de-prioritized is your relationship with your partner,” said Forte, a full-time mom.Then, at a mother’s group meeting, Forte saw a flyer advertising a dinner and workshop – for couples. It was February, and her five-year wedding anniversary was approaching, so Forte ran with  the idea. She and Purdie, who works at a biotech company, hired a babysitter and left their two toddlers at home. It was off to Intimacy Boot Camp. Continue reading