Blog re-post: Want more Traffic? Write good shit!

This is why I love Ricardo Bueno AND why I follow him from time to time…he keeps it SO real baby! So I hope you can excuse the explicative in his blog title and get to the meat of our message here which is… to increase your viewers – be REAL in all your outreach communication efforts! In fact I was just in a meeting Friday having lovely drinks and snacks at the Brasserie (my fave) with an expert SEO team, talking to me about the confusion, the misnomer’s and the constant race out there to “get over” on and increase visability with Google. A race which of course everyone is trying to win. Now we all are starting to realize that to really win – long-term online content must be well taken care of.

I say care for your content like a Longtime Relationship.

Creating good content takes time, it takes creativity and inspirational efforts, it must be massaged properly, thought about extensively and like any good relationship…paid much, much attention to!

Ricardo blogs here regularly about the effects of truth in your message AND how to engage, entertain and maintain an audience with real content! He also talks about the many, many, many benefits of doing so! Hope this helps you enhance the content in your content – I work on mine almost everyday!

4 thoughts on “Blog re-post: Want more Traffic? Write good shit!

    1. Thank you my dove!!!

      All bloggers want and need 1) followers (click the RSS feed button to follow and 2) folks to comment on their blog this helps drive traffic, creates movement and validation for the blog and site and helps others chime in to the conversation too!

      Plus it’s always nice to hear from you and know there are folks out there listening! 🙂 I MISS your weekly videos…when are you starting up again?

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