Blog, Blog, Blog…some inspiration!

Okay – here’s (almost) everything you wanted to know about Blogging but were afraid to ask.   First don’t stress…just speak as the expert that you are. This is YOUR forum for communicating with your audience, to lovingly “influence” or speak to them. Here’s some inspiration; each time you blog you create new content for your website to be found by the search engines!

Blogging humanizes your business. A blog is a place to relax and get to know your customers. Think of your blog as a conversation between people, not between a brand and one person. Keep in mind that your blog is about people connecting and conversing WITH other people. It is not a corporation taking TO people.

What to do?

1) A database – if you don’t have a fully expanded DATABASE to communicate your blogs posts to you are missing a goldmine – let everyone know each time you blog! You can use a multitude of programs excel, constant contact, outlook just fine one that best suits your needs.

2) Know your Keywords! Incorporate them each time you contribute anything anywhere online.

3) Create a Calendar!!!! VITAL. Make an appointment with yourself. Assign your blogging to time slots when you knew your creative juices are flowing, when you typically feel inspired and productive

4) Write two to three times a week AND two days a week, spend 30 minutes reading other blogs in your industry and leave comments where appropriate when you have something of value to add. This gives you visibility & drives traffic to your website.

5) Keep a running list of Blog Topics – The more you blog, the more ideas you get. Make a list of categories that are of interest to your audience. Have a list of ideas and links you find and want to share to prompt other posts.

Remember – each blog is like adding a new page to your website which attracts more attention and better ranking!

Go Get Noticed!

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