About Us

Communicate your story…a respected message that lasts.

J Kaplan Communications public relations campaigns have garnered celebrated coverage for a wide variety of businesses. Developing a partnership and an understanding of our clients, including the challenges and concerns they face, is key to excelling at the toughest part of PR: getting meaningful, newsworthy ink.

We understand the intricacies of PR, the marketplace and editorial inter-workings – this along with a unique aesthetic and uncanny way with words has built us a record of success.

Jenny Kaplan

With over 10 years in the media industry, Jenny Kaplan, Principal, has been a resident of the San Francisco Bay Area for over 30 years. Before founding JKaplan Communications in 2003, she worked in numerous Public Relations & Marketing, media and publishing roles, developing her broad knowledge of the industry. Her portfolio as an established writer includes published works in a variety of topics affecting the Wine Country, tourism and travel industries.

Her years of diverse experience in executive search, hospitality management, research, publishing and the media are her edge in the challenging and multi-faceted world of PR.

Educated at San Francisco State University, Jenny earned her B.A. in Electronic Broadcast Communications with an emphasis in writing.