7 Words that Can Harm Your Message

I am a writer (I love saying that) any PR rep worth their salt started out
somewhere in the writing realm and this is a good thing because content is
basically everything. It’s how you’ll reach and convince your audience that
they want and need you, it’s how they’ll know who you are. Words (your words) have power.

It’s really as simple as that.

Even in video – someone’s got to write the story. So choose wisely. Even today’s
sophisticated audiences believe what they read and more importantly they are
affected and influenced by what they read. We’re simply programed to do so and
it’s a difficult trance to snap out of.

So, my lovely readers….after the huge investment in your precious time, money,
emotion and heart it takes to work on your business and reach your audience I
am here to say…choose your words wisely.


Do you speak in a tone and manner that your audience can understand? More
importantly are you telling them why you’re the solution? Will your words
excite and engage them?

Power Content!

This means content that brings the reader to action. Your job (the job) is to


the reader to do or think something. Whenever you write or say something
for your business keep in mind the prime point; you’re inspiring the audience
to jump up and call, email, post, comment, click thru, buy or come on in and
see you! I had a mentor who repeated to me each time I turned in my hopeful
documents to her, “Jenny, what’s the story?” She encouraged me to NOT burry the
lead. Tell the story, your story, and your truth. The more real and honest you
can be about your work (as it pertains to your clients) the better.

Words to Avoid (AKA virus words)

There was a study conducted about the reaction to the following words and basically
the outcome was that participants had a depressed, un-excited and negative
reaction and feeling toward the following words:

Why?WHY (as in a winey whhhyyyyyyy – can put people on the defensive–as if answering in their mind)

DON’T (makes people think of the very thing you don’t want them to do or think of. can be off-putting)

SHOULD (as in judging)

TRY (this is a big one – indicates it is not or won’t be accomplished)

NEED (denotes lack, can be used effectively in some cases but be careful)

BUT (as in being wishey washy –Negates previous statement. It can be used to create effect though!)

HOPE (as in “I hope” – Lack of certainty/confidence)

I do naturally realize that in all content we need these words in many circumstances – the message here is to endeavor (not try) to find a more positive side of these words or better descriptors to your content than relying on them alone. And it’s also an exercise in reaching further to tell your story in a more complete and explanatory approach.

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Get Noticed.

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