5 Reasons Smart Companies Send-out Press Releases

Getting the Word OutSending out press releases is a total game changer.

They are a must- do for every business and need to go out every 45 days. They are cost effective, attract visibility from multiple channels and grab attention from both clients and the public. Here are my top five reasons:

1. They Posses SEO Super Powers: Search engines are constantly updating and ranking online content; by distributing your press releases using online keywords that your audience uses, you rank higher and receive more viewers.

2. Adds New Content to your website: The number one way to rank better online is to aggressively add new content. Putting press releases out and up on your site does exactly just that.

3. Keeps you constantly in the public eye: Putting out a press release every 45 days keeps you in front of your community as you let them know what’s new and happening with your business.

4. Attracts the Media: One of the sexiest end goals of putting out press releases is to attract and use the media to spread your story. Third party earned media equals credibility, validity, a wider audience and brings business to your door.

5. Reaches your database contacts-past- present and future: Database marketing (reaching out to those who already love you) represents some of the most powerful marketing acts you can perform. These “warm” contacts not only want to know about your business but are more than willing to help spread the message. They need to be reminded of your existence and what you have to offer.

This is exactly why I have started my press release boot camps, so everyone can have the opportunity to learn how to put out their own press release. If you want to learn more on how to create your own press release and send it out to the world, get more information and click here.


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