4 Customer Service Hacks via Peter Shankman

It’s no secret that I ADORE PR speaker and motivator Peter Shankman.

My guru recently gave a talk at IZEAfest 2017 asserting that the future of the economy is customer service. Why? Because it’s easier than ever for consumers to review any experience, business, or service, so if your customer service is lacking, the whole world will know.

While he has a list of ten great points (that I highly recommend you check out in his talk here), four of his points screamed out at me to share ASAP:

First off: don’t suck.

You don’t need to be good, but you need to not suck. If you suck, people will know—remember, their friends and family are writing about you on social media. So how do you not suck? One easy way is to do your homework. Peter says by just doing a little bit of research, you’ll be better than 99% of the competition.  Google the business or individual you’re working with so that you know a little bit about them, and it will help you help them.  The last thing you want to do is meet an important new client and not know something about them that is obvious to anyone who knows who they are, or put out a document with wildly inaccurate information in it.

Which leads us to the next point; know your audience.

Your first-time customer doesn’t need the same things that your most loyal, top 10% customer needs.  Their questions and feedback will be different, as will their expectations. The example for this Peter gives is United; he is in the top 10% of their flyers and still receives the same very anonymous, impersonal survey after each flight that they send everyone, and when he fills it out and responds, he gets no follow-up.  How much would it cost United to have a customer service representative give him a phone call? This is low-effort on United’s part, and yet would demonstrate that they truly appreciate and listen to their clients.

HUGE: brand everything. Everything.

If you create good content, it will get shared widely and go viral, but if it’s not branded, you’ve lost your opportunity to build YOUR audience and YOUR brand.  Make sure that people who like what you’re doing have a way to not only know you’re the one doing it, but to reach out to you about it! Whether this means including a phone number and a website in published material, or a few seconds displaying contact information in video content, take the time and effort to do it before it gets spread across the internet and your authorship is lost.

Transparency is the fourth point I’d like to touch on here. Be honest. Being honest is easy, and people like it. Trust is essential. If you make a mistake, own it. If you own it, you’ll get through it, and according to Peter, “there is no greater lover in the world than a former hater.” And it’s true! If you take care of a customer’s problem, they’ll love you forever. If you embellish the truth about yourself and your audience finds out your claims are inaccurate, they’ll never trust anything you say or do ever again.

These will help every company succeed in customer service AND they’re especially valuable lessons when considering PR. So get ahead of the curve, and start implementing them today! None are hard, they just take a little bit of time and thought, but the difference they will make to your clients and audience can be monumental.

For more of Peter Shankman’s incredibly valuable content, visit his blog here: http://shankman.com/blog/

Thank you Peter and…. Get Noticed.

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